Assorted 11x14 Prints by Robin Quinlivan

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11 x 14 inch prints of original oil pastel etchings by Robin Quinlivan. Printed on high quality fine art paper using archival inks, with a small white border. Signed on the back.

Sealed in a protective sleeve and shipped flat.

No watermark will appear on the print.


About Robin Quinlivan

I live in a little mountain town in West Virginia where I run an art gallery with three friends. I am a full-time artist and full-time mom to a wonderful little girl. I have had many other jobs, and many interests in the various distractions of life, but have always been strongly compelled to create art, in one form or another.

I like to paint with all manner of colored substances...oil...acrylic...watercolor. However most of the prints in this shop are from oil pastel etchings, which is my current favorite art form. I layer the oil pastels and carve down through them to create an image. It's a fun and sometimes unpredictable process, during which hands and arms and clothing usually get a bit colorful...and I like that about it too.

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