11x14 Altered Thrift Store Prints by Jason Jones Art

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I up-cycle vintage prints and paintings from thrift stores by hand-painting on top of them. This is a professionally made 11" by 14" print of one of my "Altered Thrift Store Art" paintings. The print is on 17pt "eggshell" paper.

11 by 14 print on17pt paper
About The Artist
I'm a working artist living with my son and lovely wife in the Arkansas Ozarks. By trade I'm a muralist, but back in 2011, I randomly painted a robot on an old print that I bought at a thrift store. My original intention was only to use the frame, but that day I had the idea of up-cycling the old print too. I had so much fun creating it, that ever since then I've been painting on all kinds of thrift store art. Each one is hand painted, and I do my best to match the color palette and the style of the artwork.
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