2020 Lawrence, KS Calendar by Doodle Station

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This modern and colorful 2020 desk calendar features 12 of my original Lawrence, KS doodles, including some of my personal favorite locations like the Campanile (brings me back to my graduation!), Allen Fieldhouse, and South Park. It comes packaged with a clipboard stand that can be displayed on a desktop or hung on a wall. The stand uses a 3” bolt as a peg-leg style support (similar to how A-frame easels stand up) and is easy to construct – assembly instructions included!

These calendars make great stocking stuffers and gifts for the special people in your lives – teachers, coworkers, friends, family members, clergy, KU grads, or current (or former!) residents of the great city of Lawrence, KS (LFK, baby!).

I am a KU alum and loved when I lived in Lawrence. I currently live in Kansas City, which is where I designed and packaged the calendars you see. I hope these doodles help you think fondly of Lawrence (like they do for me) and bring some joy to your life!

WHAT: 2020 Monthly Desktop Calendar
THEME: Lawrence, KS (home of the University of Kansas)
FINISH: Colorful thick matte cover cardstock with a poly finish
• One 6” x 8” clipboard with:
- rounded edges
- a smooth surface
- a retractable metal loop for hanging calendar on the wall
- smooth rivets on reverse side that won’t scratch surfaces
- a strong, low-profile metal clip with rubberized clip corners to securely hold the calendar pages in place
• One 3” long carriage bolt
• One hex nut
• One rubber foot for exposed end of bolt
• Twelve colorful calendar pages of original artwork, one for each month of the year, and a cover page

When the month is over, I suggest you reuse the calendar page by turning it into a postcard. Simply turn the card over, draw a line down the middle of the sheet, and add a stamp, address, and note to your favorite person. It will feel good to brighten somebody’s day with some old-fashioned snail mail, and bonus – you will be repurposing something that would otherwise be recycled.

When the year is over, feel free to reuse the clipboard stand to display other goodies you receive like birthday cards, photos of your kids, kudos from a colleague, your favorite quote ripped out of a magazine, an inspiring travel photo, etc. The clipboard is very sturdy and will hold up to 100 sheets of paper.

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