#59 // Matt Roman

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Carved from a Spalted Red Oak. During the drying process the bowl cracked and the cracks were filled with gold epoxy, mimicking the art of Kintsugi.

18" x 9.5" x 6.5"


About The Artist
Although I am a woodworker, I often consider what I do more akin to found object art. I seek out wood destined for a burn pile and embellish the natural inner beauty I see in it. I’ve always been passionate about working with wood and with an endless supply of scavenged lumber I have an avenue to explore more creative ways of expressing this passion. I work under the moniker Resurrected woodworks because like the phoenix my materials reached the end of its old life emerging more glorious than before.

Using a variety of hand and power tools, I try to imbue each piece with a feeling of movement and fluidity. I build or carve each piece as light as possible to help accentuate this perception. Abandoning the idea that furniture must be static, I make items that suggest that they too are on a journey, engaging one’s imagination.

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