Mini Spirit Board // Letterpressed Ouija Board

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Need help making those BIG life decisions?

Need help choosing your new offspring’s name? Want to call your Grandma for her secret recipes but she’s been dead for years? Need to make a deal the other Realm but you’re too busy to leave the office?

Don’t worry, the Mini Spirit Board can help!

1. Pick a Medium. Whoever’s wearing the most black probably has a direct pipeline to the Hellmouth.
2. Banish any negative energy before proceeding. Some friends and family members with bad vibes might need a direct hint to leave.
3. Clear your minds and meditate on the task at hand. Maybe burn some sage and turn off your phones (no selfies with your apparitions!).
4. Beginning in the center of the board, place your fingers on the Planchette. Do not let go. Ever. By all that is Holy, never let go.
5. Ask a question. Start with vague questions until the Spirit Board is warmed up, like ‘U up?’ or perhaps ‘Hot enough for ya?’ and ‘New board. Who dis?’
6. Close the board. End your session by saying “goodbye” or “peace out” to close the gateway between the Realms.

Each set includes:
(1) 5x7" flat Ouija/Spirit Board printed on recycled 40pt Kraft Chipboard
(1) 3.5x5" folding, special diecut, instruction book, printed on mystic grey 100#C
(1) 2x3" custom die-cut Planchette printed on reversible 200#c black/white stock

Design collaboration by Bryan Fyffe, MeShelle Scott & Bob Atkins
Printed at Skylab Letterpress

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