Large Format Ad Astra Letterpress Posters by Skylab Letterpress

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The latin phrase “ad astra per aspera” which means “through hardships to the stars" is an inspirational phrase to live by. Large format letterpress printed poster, showcasing the capabilities of the talented Skylab team. Crew members Ben Jones and Katie Stamer created the design; Ben illustrating the constellations while Katie did the hand-lettering.

These letterpress printed posters are printed on French Construction 100# cover stock in Ivory, Speckletone Black, and Nightshift Blue.

- Ivory Poster: 12" x 18", printed with black and blind ink.
- Navy Blue Poster: 12" x 18", printed with silver and navy blue ink.
- Black Poster: 12" x 18" or 13" x 19", printed with silver and blind ink.

Printed by Skylab Letterpress in KCMO.

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