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Parousia by Old Factory is our adventure into the creative unknown, and our most unique product offerings. Parousia shares illustrative stories through the magic of plant based perfumery. Parousia intuitively crafts essential oil blends that attempt to (re)create a thousand images, feelings, and ideas gathered from our imagination and the world around us.

Pure essential oils blended into our fine base of jojoba and camellia oils. Equipped with a roll-on applicator. Perfume in oil instead of alcohol last longer and helps moisturize your skin instead of drying it.

Event Horizon: The scent of Event Horizon is about a leap of faith. 24 distinct voices of 24 distinct plants coalesce to tell the story of Event Horizon; a story so strange it can only be told through the art of intuitive perfumery. Cross the threshold and enter the vortex.

10 ml Roll On

Hermetica: The scent of Hermetica is about seeking lead and finding gold. Hermetica  is an alchemical union of our favorite notes, Patchouli, Vanilla and Texas Cedarwood. We then added a blend of Petitgrain and Cypriol and finished it with the Citrus essences of Litsea Cubeba and Lemongrass.

10 ml Roll On

Hunt & Gather: The scent of Hunt & Gather is about hunting for truth and gathering oneself. A thinking man’s scent. Its starts with Texas Cedarwood combined with Sage. Upon that is a layer of Oakmoss, Cypriol, Citronella and Anise. Completing its character is a blend of Sweet Orange, Clove and Orchid to bring out it’s feminine side. This soap is dedicated to the forests and all the glories within them.

10 ml Roll On

Paper Wolf Cologne: A trifold experience between the wearer, the land and the moon. A lone wolf of flection and reflection. Intuitively designed to help the wearer look long and deep into the soul and emerge with a greater understanding. Possessing dark, spicy and dreamy aroma made with pure essential oils. Paperwolf will heighten your senses and your frequency. High resonating notes of Indonesian long pepper, olibanum, a forest of various cedars, bergamot, angelica and oregano. A true cologne. Pure essential oils diluted in distilled water and perfumers grade alcohol made from organic cane sugar. Equipped with a roll-on applicator.

15 ml Roll On

Parousia: A Projected Essence. The concrescence of natural forces. Forming a thought in your imagination. A planet in your constellation. Intuitively crafted. 8 essential oils combine with your skin and your imagination to create a perfume unique to you.

10 ml Roll On

Spooky: There was electricity in the air… then silence and the smell of flowers. Fight the demons with this intuitively crafted scent using essential oils revered for their protective powers. This darkly herbal aroma serves the wearer well in those moments when one senses the negative forces near. Whatever you dabble in Spooky will help you keep the darkness out. Certain plants & herbs have been distinguished for centuries for their abilities to ward off evil and give protection against psychic and astral attacks. Instead of wearing the plants themselves, you can wear the essential oils which retain their protective properties. Our signature Spooky scent contains many of these protective essences blended into a perfume that wears perfectly in any season you need it most.

Notes of Blood Orange, Clove, Vetiver, Ylang Ylang, Mugwort, Angelica Root, Lovage and more.

10 ml Roll On

White Rabbit: The scent of  White Rabbit is about following the voice in our hearts rather than in our heads. Comprised of 19 pure essential oils. Its voice of Tuberose is backed up by notes of Lavender and Vanilla balanced with Orange and held down by a base of Cypriol. White Rabbit is our most popular scent and the sister of the more masculine Event Horizon.

10 ml Roll On

Woode Cologne: Deep, Dark and sultry. An exquisite thicket of spice, wood and ancient currency. Woode uses the power of pure essential oils to paint pictures in the mind of a long lost aromatic forest. Through this forest runs a spice supply line. Along the sides of this trail, hidden in the overgrowth the rare traveler on foot could occasionally find little roe skin bags packed with various spices, some of them from plants and trees lost in history. Prominent notes Frankincense, Rosewood, Lime, Cassia, Bay and Sardinian Juniper. Pure essential oils blended into a mastercrafted base.

1 oz Roll On



Old Factory specializes in uniquely aromatic, artisan soap and natural perfume. Created in 2008 as a positive, healthy, and creative outlet, a soap maker and an artist with severe skin allergies founded Old Factory.  Each creation is handmade with high quality, natural ingredients, essential oils, herbs and botanicals.  Our packaging is all hand designed in house, with a focus on sustainability and simplicity.  Our unique perfume blends, complex and intuitively based, are created using pure plant material. Our base recipes are made from high quality oils, formulated with attention to the healing properties of the ingredients we use.  We are based in Blanco, Texas, in the middle of the Texas Hill Country. 


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