Assorted Hanging Plush Fish by Crabcakes

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Assorted handcrafted plush fish wall decor that are perfect for a nursery or child's room!

Measure approx. 2.5" x 12.25"

**Not meant to be a toy **


About Crabcakes:

When we began over 10 years ago, Crabcakes Clothing had two things going for it: a sturdy little dining room table to work on and a vision to dress little ones in high-quality clothes with unexpected visual combinations — something we like to call "clashing well".

With our impeccable attention to detail and quality craftsmanship, Crabcakes' handmade items are made to last (with a little TLC) and made to impress. Kids love the soft, 100% cotton fabrics and bright colors. And parents love the quality and unexpected patterns and color combinations.
Like the little loves our lives, this business has grown over the years, exceeding our wildest expectations, and we are so pleased to invite you (or welcome you back) into our Crabcakes family.


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