Atomic Shock Mecha Monster Print

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Big-Bot's MECHA MONSTER digital print is part of the ATOMIC SHOCK line of prints drawn and designed to look like the retro sci-fi / horror decals you never knew you wanted.

Each print is 8" x 8" and printed on heavyweight premium vintage stock.


About Big-Bot Design

I started Big-Bot Design 10 years ago as a design studio that specializes in seamlessly integrating skilled Illustration with versatile Graphic Design.

For over 25 years I’ve created apparel, flat stock and unique graphics for hundreds of clients helping them tell their brand’s story.

I value my work and the special relationship with my clients that allows me to serve their needs.

All the design work I create starts in my sketchbook with a pencil and paper and an eye towards creating a unique piece of Graphic Art that serves your brand.

I’ve managed Art Departments and the process of taking a design from initial concept to a finished product for decades. I have extensive experience with print and the technical side of design that allows me to not only create memorable pieces of Graphic Art but ensure that you have a creative tool that serves your brand properly.

From paper sketches to your final finished product Big-Bot Design is uniquely equipped to tell your brand’s story.

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