Beard Balms by b.e. nurtured

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This beard balm will soften and nourish even the most coarse facial fuzz! Whether you keep it trimmed short, or are loving it long. Made with rich oils, cocoa butter, and just enough vegan wax to make it a smooth creamy balm.

original (unscented) No scent, however smells faintly like cocoa butter.

bergamot basil Vibrant bergamot and fresh basil leaf are complimented by earthy notes of oak moss and white patchouli.

sandalwood patchouli Fragrant grains of sandalwood are polished with the sweetness of balsamic richness. Enchanting notes of deep patchouli add a mesmerizing touch.

lemon sage citrus and sage combine for a refreshing yet earthy scent.

pepper citrus musk This scent smells amazing! Hints of pepper are elegantly combined with soft notes of vanilla and citrus.

cedarwood sage A woodsy and spicy blend of cedarwood, sage & petigrain. Reminiscent of a grove of cedar trees after the rain.

lemon cedar a zesty yet woodsy blend of pure lemon and cedarwood oils.

A little goes a long way, so this black 2 oz. tin is a perfect size, for travel and home!

Ingredients: castor & meadowfoam oils, candelila & soy waxes, essential and/or fragrance oils, cocoa butter & love!

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