Birth, Uninterrupted: A Tall Woman's Chronicles of Birthing At Home In Modern America

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This book is my intimate tale of becoming a mother.
This book is my story of birthing my four children at home.
This book is honest and raw, hilarious and poetic.
This book is sarcastic and dreamy; you might laugh and cry.
I want ordinary women to know how extraordinary they can be.
I want to inspire women to be confident in their ability to birth, uninterrupted.
I want women to know the joy and peace of birthing at home.

This is the inspiring true story of Savanna Thatcher's most intimate moments: the homebirth of each of her four children. In a time where natural birth is flooded with fear and mistrust in one's Birthing Power, Savanna leads the way as a Birthing Goddess. Savanna encourages pregnant women that they can and should give birth how they want, where they want and always uninterrupted.

84 Pages, paperback


About The Author:

Hello! I am Savanna Thatcher. I am 6'3"tall (because everyone asks, I tell). I grew up in a small Nebraska town. After graduating high school, I got the hell out of there and attended the University of Kansas on a full ride volleyball scholarship. After playing for the Jayhawks for four years, I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Education. I took a year off of volleyball, then I traveled the world for several years as an International Professional Volleyball Player. Wow! I still can not believe I did this!

I met my husband in 2012 and settled back in to Lawrence, KS. Together we run a Mixed Martial Arts and Weightlifting facility, Thatchers' Training Center. In 2016, I became a mother. Now in 2020, I have four beautiful children, all born at home. My birth experiences have inspired me to write and share my stories.

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