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This book is a result of the question I receive more than any other: “After years of feeling badly about myself, how do I turn it around? How can I accept myself as I am? How did you find peace and even love for yourself?” It’s a complicated question as there was a list of long held assumptions and beliefs I had to examine to move forward in a healthy way. But what I knew for certain is that I had to move forward differently if I was going to have a shot at providing a better example for my daughter. I knew my inner voice would become her own and I wanted to role model empowerment, strength and love. This book is set up as a 21 day practice of tools, new mantras and a new mindfulness around not only your self-talk, but how you interact with others, how you move and more. Everyone’s journey is different. It is my hope that some of what I learned on my own path might impact yours. We have powerful things to do in the world, I’d like us all to move on from this shared self-disgust so we can go about the business of being who we were meant to be.

Editors: Sarah Mahoney & Stacey Steck
Photography: John Gladman
Design: Jamal Gamby & Randy Breeden



A series of essays written from Mother to daughter, this is part memoir and part lessons to live by. The author’s aim was to empower her daughter both with what she has learned and with honest stories of who her mother is and where she has been. All written years before her daughter would enter her teens- in an effort to write these stories before she needs them as a gift for when she might benefit from them most and ask for them least. Sincere, sweet and at times achingly vulnerable, it promises to be a book you return to again and again. As it bucks cultural expectations on growing up girl, Letters to Lola is meant to be shared with the young women in your life and inspire important conversations about being a woman and living well.

*Recommended reading first before sharing with younger readers due to some chapters with mature content.

Editor: Sarah Hennings
Design & Photography: Jamal Gamby



"If you have ever felt like you have lost your voice, your body, or your mind, you will find yourself in this book." -Jennifer Vogelgesang Blake

"It literally rocked my core... five minutes in and I couldn't concentrate on anything but these words... powerful, beautiful, heart twisting..." -Jacqueline Carly

"I read it multiple times and it changed me every time. Buy this book. It's beautiful. It will touch your soul." -Chrissy King

A heart wrenching depiction of growing up female. The author unravels the effects of abuse, silence, beauty obsession, and shame while finding a path out. Revealing the possibility of creating space for our own values to emerge and allowing the same for one another. She envisions a reality with room for us each to safely explore our identities, our ideas, and our lives. Laying her experience bare that we might see ourselves in our common struggles so we can choose to systematically challenge the narratives that bind us. This poem is a first edition, the second will contain a collective of voices.


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