b.e. nurtured

A constant journey of plant love and discovery!

Some children play with dollhouses. I used to play in my mothers garden as a child, making fairy houses and little villages from sticks, stones, and found objects. One of my most vivid memories is making chamomile tea from the flowers and thinking how magical the sweet honey smell and taste of the tea we brewed was. Fascinated by herbs and their properties, I would read fairy folklore and old wives remedies and fancied myself a green witch, an old crone, healing the village of many centuries past.

I began my journey with herbs in earnest when my pregnant with my son, making herbal teas and belly salves, and eventually his baby products since the selection was pretty limited at the time. Rosemary Gladstar and Susan Weed were inspirations, and I devoured their books daily.

Life takes us on many paths, and I went down many roads - All the while I made a salve here, a lip balm there, dreaming of a little studio in which to have jars of infusing oils, soaps curing, and herbal goodness all around. Eventually I started pouring candles, a hobby turned into a small business. I never forgot about my plant friends, and I knew I'd hear them calling when it was time.

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