Can-Can and Flapper Holiday Ornaments

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Limited Edition!

Can-Can and flapper ornaments by Another Girl! Kitschy, collaged and glitterfied... you need these!

Each piece illustrates an original collage piece, placed on chipboard and backed with decorative paper. The edges are lined in a complementary ink color. Each piece is embellished with glitter, etc.

Measures around 2-3" x 5-6" on average

Decorative string, ribbon or something of the like is attached to the top so that the piece can be hung.


About Another Girl // Jeannette Bryant

Another Girl has been with us since our inception in 2013 and her work has been a favorite of our customers (and ours) for years! “St. Teresa’s Grade School in Hutchinson, Kansas was not known for encouraging artistic and creative freedom. The sky was blue. The grass was green. Cat heads belonged on cat bodies. My art education consisted of coloring and cutting. In 2nd grade Sister Mary Mengele introduced us to the concept of tracing. I mastered this and was sure my future as a tracer would be illustrious and lucrative. There was no more I needed to learn. I was ready to move to Paris or New York and become Master Tracer of the World. My parents insisted I finish 2nd grade. Dreams dashed, I continued school, graduated from KU and eventually became a high school English/journalism teacher. I taught for 33 years and, in producing yearbooks and newspapers, learned the basics of InDesign and Photoshop. All of my works are made with my computer, printer, scissors, glue, glitter and a short-attention span. I do not have an Etsy store or a web site because they scare me.”

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