Assorted Handcrafted Enamel Pins by Phoenix Woodworking

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Enamel pin designs by renowned tattoo artist Cheyenne Sawyer. Each pin is cast in the USA and then the enamel is filled and fired by hand by a Phoenix Woodworking employee.

A portion of the sale of each of Cheyenne’s limited edition pins will go to the Haskell Indian Nations University Foundation, for scholarships and support.


About Phoenix Woodworking

Phoenix Woodworking is a manufacturing organization that inspires and empowers at-risk members of the community—the homeless, felons, recovering addicts etc.—in a continuing effort to provide them a sense of purpose and restore their fundamental human dignity by offering them meaningful paid employment.

We employ people in transition, such as homeless persons, individuals with past felony convictions, recovering addicts and members of work-training rehabilitation programs. All revenue in excess of normal operating expenses goes directly toward an employee Trust, an "Employability" Fund that will support individuals as they reintegrate into the mainstream work force with services such as resume building and the acquisition of legal identification documents, as well as goods such as appropriate clothing for job interviews, and telephones (and other bandwidth-dependent devices increasingly necessary in modern society.)

Giving a person the opportunity to work gives that person the opportunity to become whole. This is of the utmost importance for one’s sense of self-worth and functional contribution to society as a whole. Starting life over is not easy, especially when one’s options are already severely limited by homelessness or a criminal record. Both of these things can be  incapacitating obstacles that severely limit one’s access to the basic resources that many of us take for granted. A sense of dignity and personal pride directly correlates to one’s own feelings of usefulness. Phoenix Woodworking provides a stable foundation from which at-risk people can begin the efforts to turn around their lives. We employ clean and sober* folks who need a chance to get started working.


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