Stoneware Coasters by Melanie Harvey

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A variety of designs are illustrated on these beautiful stoneware coasters made by Melanie Harvey Pottery out of Lawrence, KS. Glaze is a semi-matte finish.

Microwave and dishwasher safe

Measures: 4" x 4"

Due to the nature of handmade items, products received may look different than the item pictured.

About Melanie Harvey Pottery
I make everyday art. I love to eat and drink and serve food in something handmade and special. I make functional pottery that is food-, dishwasher-,  and microwave-safe because I want people to use and enjoy my pottery on a daily basis. I would love to make someone’s new favorite cup, bowl, or plate. I live in Lawrence, KS, and work with mid-fire clays, both porcelain and red stoneware. They each feature glaze colors differently, allowing different aspects of the glazes to develop, so I use both clay bodies for different purposes. On porcelain, everything seems to have more light. In contrast, there is a richness and depth with iron glazes when they are used on red stoneware. Sometimes, I combine the two using one as a slip over the other. I also use laser toner decals to add images to my work. I live in a house that is historic in structure, design, and detail, but modern in color, decoration, and function. I am inspired by the places where historic elegance and modern culture meet. I believe this is reflected in my work. I have always been drawn to playful imagery as well as doodling and often enjoy incorporating some sort of narrative into my work. I am also a full-time chemistry professor at Johnson County Community College. I fell in love with clay while I was a graduate student at Vanderbilt University in Nashville. I took a noncredit class in the evening with some friends and I was instantly hooked. I love throwing on a wheel and have found my chemistry background useful when approaching glazes. Whenever someone asks a question about my work, the most common answer seems to be iron, in one way or another. Iron makes clay bodies red and it is the reason my favorite glaze is red. It is also the iron in the toner used to make the decals that allows for a permanent image. 

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