Cotton Flour Sack Towels by Oh Little Rabbit

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Oh Little Rabbit's classic flour sack towels are made from super soft and durable cotton, sure to remind you of the towels that your Grandma always trusted in her kitchen. Thick, soft and hard working these towels will always have your back with any cooking or baking adventure. They only use the highest quality fabric inks that are sure to stand up to the everyday wear and tear of your kitchen. Whether drying dishes or just adding a touch of originality, this towel is sure to do the trick.

100% Organic Cotton Flour Sack
WIDTH: 24" 

Color selection: Please note- colors shown in photos are the only colors available for each design (this will hopefully save you time when making selections ;) )

Printed with all natural Non-Toxic water based inks that are safe for you and the environment!
Machine Wash Warm Water (You can add a bit of bleach to your wash cycle if you would like. The ink will stay put!). Tumble Dry , iron if Desired.

Each towel is individually unique and has been hand printed with love!


About Oh, Little Rabbit

Oh, Little Rabbit was founded in 2010 by illustrator, Cara Hibbs. Starting as a creative outlet, the business quickly grew and became her full time employment within a year.

"My product line is a reflection of the things I enjoy and have in my own home. I love the idea of practical art. A piece that can be displayed and visually enjoyed, as well as earn its keep on the oven bar by being the best dish drying flour sack towel around. I hope to bring joy to peoples everyday lives through my products, even if it’s in the smallest ways, because it’s the little things in life that can bring about some of the greatest joy! Being eco-friendly is very important to me, so I make sure to use organic and recycled materials whenever possible. I also use nontoxic water based inks. I am very passionate about using the highest quality materials and partnering with ethical companies who provide me with my supplies and textiles. I illustrate every image, burn every screen, print every piece by hand and package every order. Truly a one woman show! Everything is done with lots of love and gratitude!”

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