Double Leaf Turquoise Necklace by Sara Forrest Design

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Sterling silver pendant featuring a Gold Canyon cabochon cut turquoise from the Kingman Mine in Arizona. The unique blue color of this turquoise comes from the presence of copper; green tones are provided by iron traces. The Kingman mine is the last commercially operating turquoise mine in the USA. I designed the leaves this way to symbolize caring and compassion - with others, with yourself, with the planet. The pendant comes on a 20in box chain. All links soldered.


My jewelry is inspired by my childhood in the Kansas prairies, hiking adventures in CO and WA and a general love and respect for the outdoors. Along with my love of metalsmithing, I have a background in biology and have worked as a photographer for over a decade. When I’m not on the road visiting family in NH/ME, KS or WA….or in my backyard studio, I can be found on a horse named Amber and hanging with my husband and our 14 year old parrot.

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