Assorted Earrings by (wired) Jewelry

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Spirit Fringe Earrings

• Surgical Earwires (nickel free)
• Each pair is unique
• Upcycled Rubber

Upcycled EFFEN Vodka Labels

This collection takes its materials from the upcycled labels of EFFEN Vodka bottles. Since its dangerous to use a utility knife while intoxicated, we're leaving the drinking to the many patrons of local music venue, Metro, who is partnering with (wired) to collect the empties.


Streamline // Roundtrip Earrings

Simple. Lightweight. Stainless Steel and rubber tubing recovered from my favorite San Francisco recycling center. Surgical Steel Earwires.


Wheel Links Earrings

Upcycled Rubber Washers. Upcycled Bike Chain. Stainless Steel Wire. Surgical Steel Earwires. 1.75" drop

CYCLED Collection
(wired) has developed relationships with several Chicago area bike shops to save used bike chains as they are replaced with shiny new chains.


Sun Spot Earrings

• Surplus magnet wire (red) sourced from a Chicago surplus center || Reclaimed Rubber
• Surgical Steel French Hooks
• 1/2" circumfrence
• 3/4" drop



In 1999, artist/designer Melissa Kolbusz launched (wired). At the time she was living in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood and found inspiration in its recycling centers, factory warehouses and junkyards. Salvaging, repurposing and reinventing the materials she discovered in the industrial wasteland, she began to handcraft works of wearable art. At the forefront of sustainability, (wired) married aesthetics and environment before it was in fashion. Since then, her work has showcased, sold and been worn around the world.

In 2010, she was invited to Ecochic Geneva at the United Nations in Switzerland where her work was worn on the runway, and shortly after was presented at EcoChic Singapore. She was also commissioned to create distinct jewelry and accessories for the EFFEN By Design series, where she fashions the vodka’s rubber labels into works of art. She has participated in the New York International Gift Fair, Hong Kong’s Fashion Access, Chicago is Red Hot and The-One-Of-A-Kind shows. A bold proponent of sustainability and solution through design, she held a two-week entrepreneurship seminar at The Belvedere Community Center in St. Maarten in 2009. The seminar introduced teenagers learning product design to sustainability, and how to incorporate it into product designs and business plans.

Kolbusz holds a BFA in Industrial Design from University of Illinois at Chicago, and has worked in the fields of furniture design, engineering and architecture. The press has taken notice as well: CNN highlighted her jewelry for a story on recycled jewelry, and NPR affiliate WBEZ has featured Kolbusz on-air. (wired) also recently graced the covers of Caviar Magazine, Time Out Chicago and has been featured in the books Green Design, Recycle: The Essential Guide, and Style, Naturally.

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