Handmade Paper Sheets

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Handmade Abaca Cinnamon Sheets

Sugar, spice and everything nice.. well, these sheets have everything but the sugar!

Natural abaca sheets with cinnamon additive.

Lightly textured and sized for sturdiness.

Set of 8 sheets

Size: 5’’ X 8’’

Handmade Denim Sheets

Lightly textured and sized for sturdiness

Set of 8 sheets

Size: 5’’ X 8’’


About The Artist:

Mold & Deckle is two Midwest partners, Mary & Courtney. Mary began papermaking while studying at the University of Columbia-Missouri in 2008. She loved it so much that she received her MFA in 2016 and somewhere along the line ensnared the help of her partner, Courtney. What was supposed to be a practice demo in teaching bookbinding for her students steadily evolved into Mold & Deckle: named for the frame-like screen used in papermaking.

We collect discarded books and create journals and sketchbooks out of the old hardcovers. Our handmade paper is made in our fancy wet studio in our home, AKA our unfinished basement. We still beat our pulps at the University of Missouri due to the good graces of the local Fibers Department. We aspire to purchase our own beater but the David Reina hollander beater that Mary has used since the beginning is certainly sentimental at this point.

Mold & Deckle is a blend of Mary’s well practiced vatman shake and Courtney’s obsession with the intricacies of stitches.

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