Handstamped Pottery Soap Dishes by Creative Clay Cafe

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These one-of-a-kind, beautiful slab pottery soap dishes by Creative Clay Cafe will brighten up any kitchen or bathroom!
Each measure 4.25" x 4.25"
Creative Clay Cafe's production method:
The clay art found at Creative Clay Cafe is handmade --from slab to finish-- by artist, Deb Miller, in her home studio in Omaha, Nebraska. She has developed her skills over 3 decades and still enjoys the challenge of pushing the boundaries of the medium whether with glazes, texture or design. It all begins with a lump of raw clay which is guided evenly through a slab roller. This flattened piece of clay has so much potential! Desired shapes are then cut from the slab, textured, formed and left to dry for several days. NOTE: Many handmade stamps are used (which are also designed by the artist) but some design elements may come from an unusual button or something found in nature - like a leaf or flower blossom. Deb has collected vintage glass over the years and uses those wonderfully detailed glass patterns can be found on some of her clay stamps. The dry clay pieces are now fired to a bisque state. The pieces are then hand painted with glazes - no dipping! The painting of the glaze allows the artist to select design areas for a combination of glaze colors which makes her work unique. The pieces are now ready for a second firing which will result in a fired glaze finish. There is a quiet anticipation and still a great deal of excitement involved when opening a freshly fired glaze load of ceramics and a clay artist cannot be in a hurry to see results since the kiln must cool for 8-12 hours after the firing is complete. Finishing touches are then added such as wire, buttons, ribbon or perhaps just the rubber footing dots on the dishes. The pieces are made - one by one - as unique additions to my customers' fine craft ware collection.
About Creative Clay Cafe
As far back as she can remember, artist Deb Miller has made things by hand. An early memory involves using her small 45rpm “record player” as a potter’s wheel. That story did not end well, but still, she remained inspired to create. Flash forward to junior high and her first pottery class. She recalls feeling both intrigued and challenged. These emotions remain with her today as she challenges the limits of the medium with texture, glaze color and design. Deb currently works in her home studio creating unique clay home decor and jewelry. She enhances her jewelry designs by torch-firing enamel powders or liquid onto copper jewelry components. Another "art love" was born with the discovery of copper enameling. Recently, a 12-year-old artist told her that every little felted snowman she creates gets a kiss goodbye as she packs them up to sell at art fairs. The love of creating is what encompasses the definition of a true artist. We put a small piece of ourselves into each and every piece of art that we create, therefore, we are giving a small piece of ourselves to each person for them to enjoy and cherish.
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