Herbal Skin Healing Salve by b.e. nurtured // 2 oz.

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This vegan salve is a staple in our first aid kit! Use on tender and sensitive skin that has been scraped, cut, burned, or generally traumatized. **Not for use on major burns or deep wounds.

This salve is vegan and made with skin loving and healing herbs of calendula, comfrey, chamomile, plantain, chickweed, lavender, and st. johns wort infused in olive oil, with lavender and tea tree essential oils added. Soothing, fast absorbing, and non-greasy.

available in two sizes: 25 ml or 55 ml glass amber jar (55 ml is a separate listing- see other product interests below).

Our products are created with safety and gentleness in mind. Please be aware of your personal sensitivities and allergies when purchasing any skin care product. Please discontinue use if you experience irritation. Consult your medical professional if pregnant or nursing. Any statements made regarding the properties of the ingredients contained in our products are gleaned from the recorded history and usage of these ingredients over time.


Made in Lawrence KS by b.e. nurtured

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