Holiday Hen Magnet

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Dress your fridge up for Christmas with Dorothy, the holiday hen! She's finished her shopping, has a freezer stocked with Christmas cookies, and is wearing her favorite sweater for the neighbors' annual holiday party. She measures about 3 inches wide by 3 inches tall.

+ Illustrated by artist Leana Fischer
+ Packaged with card stock in a clear plastic sleeve
+ Made in the USA


About The Artist:

Leana is a watercolor artist, designer, and founder of May We Fly, a stationery and gift brand devoted to all things delightful. She opened the online doors back in 2014 as a place to share her artwork with family and friends, and slowly but surely, it grew into a full-fledged career. Her aim is to create products that celebrate simple pleasures and add beauty to daily life. She loves finding wonder in the little things, and is most inspired by simply walking out the door into the world around her.

Watercolor is her preferred medium, which has been her teacher along the journey as she has learned how to harness its challenges and embrace the limits of her own control. Its transparency has taught her to create confident strokes, and its fluidity has shown her how to play and let go. She continues to develop as an artist and grow her skills as a painter through the constant process of trial, error, and experimentation.

In addition to creating her own work, Leana has taught hundreds of students how to begin using watercolor through workshops and multi-week courses, including a six-week course at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. She has also created licensed work for clients including Papyrus and Hallmark. 

Leana lives in Fayetteville, Arkansas with her husband, Dan, a PhD student in History at the University of Arkansas.


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