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Infused Organic Syrups by Boozy Botanicals

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Boozy Botanical syrups are an easy way to create tasty unique craft cocktails in your own home. Each syrup is handmade in small batches in Kansas City and designed to be paired with all types of spirits. These infused syrups will take your home bar to another level - by adding just a touch of Boozy, you can elevate your favorite cocktail with new flavor or put a unique twist on a classic cocktail. Boozy is not just for your bar, you can use it into the kitchen too! They add delicious flavor to sparkling water, club soda, tonic, lemonade, tea and coffee. You can also add Boozy to yogurt, ice cream and fresh fruit - an ideal addition to your favorite smoothie. Use Boozy in marinades, salad dressings, sautées and baked goods to add unique flavor profiles to your favorite recipes.

Cardamom Spice: A curry inspired blend of 6 spices, wrapped in a bouquet of orange blossom and licorice vines.

Ginger Hibiscus: Vibrant, floral, sweet tartness and subtle ginger notes give your cocktails a refreshing lift.

Lavender Earl Grey: Smooth flavor combination of lavender and bergamont, deliciously floral tea syrup.

Rosemary Mint: Delicate balance between warm and crisp, earthy honey sweetness, herbal and savory.

Three Pepper: Boozy's Sweet Heat! This blend Jalapeño, Anaheim, Serrano, Carbide and Chili Pepper is spicy and herbaceous.

Vanilla Allspice: Rich real vanilla flavor enhanced with smokey hints of Caribbean allspice.


About Boozy Botanicals:

I'm sure you've heard the phrase - "Do what you love, love what you do."  Boozy Botanicals was born from two of my passions - creating unique and delicious cocktails with fresh, handmade infusions and doing it right here in the heart of America - Kansas City. I love the Midwest, the generosity, creativity, and vitality of the people who live and work in “fly over country” is second to none. I also love my syrups. Boozy syrups are infused with the best ingredients I can find and sourced as much as possible from local shops, farmers and other business owners.  Experimenting with distinctive combinations to create tastes that are both unusual and delightful is my art, my craft and my expression of “doing what I love and loving what I do”. 

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