Harness Leather Key Clips by Artifact

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Handmade in our Omaha studio using American sourced leather, and hand-aged brass hardware.



After college, I worked ordinary jobs until The Great Recession when, like many Americans, I lost my job.

This created an opportunity for reflection. I made three lists: What are the things I love to do? What are the things I’m genuinely good at? What are the things I could make a living doing?

With the lists in front of me, dots connected into what became Artifact. I realized I want my own business, where I design products with the finest materials, as well as a nod to my passion for vintage military and utilitarian design. I also want to create these products in my Omaha studio with the help of craftspeople in my community.

Artifact began in February 2010. The first ten months I balanced a placeholder job with nights and weekends devoted to Artifact. By December, I left my job to run Artifact full-time.

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