Palate Polish // Small Batch + Free of Toxic Chemicals Nail Polish

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Palate Polish is small batch and 10-free, excluding many typical toxic ingredients found in nail polish. Our product is Vegan and cruelty-free. The limited line is inspired by food. We love Palate Polish!

One full sized bottle of nail polish (0.5 oz/15 ml).

All bottles come with 2 stainless steel mixing balls.


Aphrodisiac: striking cobalt blue

Artichoke: delicious, creamy green

BBQ Sauce: deep, reddish brown

Black Olive: solid black

Black Pepper: sparkly dark steel gray

Brown Sugar: iridescent metallic copper shimmer

Bubble Gum: neon pink; this is a neon formula and will dry matte

Candied Ginger: chunky brownish-gold glitter

Candy Apple: sparkly red

Champagne: silvery gold glitter

Cherry Blossom: blush pink

Cherry Pie: deep red

Coconut: stark true white

Coffee: creamy brown

Cookies N Cream: a chunky black and white glitter

Dark Chocolate: a deep brown

Earl Grey: milky neutral

Gold Gumdrop: glittery gold

Gumball: a chunky rainbow glitter

Hot Sauce: a classic red

Hot Wing: neon orange

Jawbreaker: a fun confetti white-based glitter

Lavender Macaron: pastel muted purple

Lime: vibrant neon lime

Mackerel: metallic silver liquid metal

Margarita: sparkly shimmer lime green

Miso: mellow brown

Mocha: creamy mocha

Nori: dark forest green

Oatmeal: creamy grayish nude

Pickle: iridescent green shimmer

Radicchio: deep reddish-purple

Rosewater: shimmery sheer pink

Ruby Chocolate: dusty mauve

Salmon: pinkish-orange salmon

Spirulina Smoothie: dusty teal

Sprinkles: multi-color glitter

Squid Ink: charcoal gray

Strawberry Milk: creamy pastel pink

Sweet Mint: neon-y pastel green

Taffy: iridescent blue/green

Taro: soft purple

Ube: the perfect purple

Yolk: rich yellow



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