Online Gift Card

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Delivery time: You should receive your package within 6 to 8 business days from ship date. If local delivery, we deliver on Monday, Thursday and Fridays to your doorstep (see shipping info for details).

We offer many denominations of e-gift cards to allow the recipient to pick out the perfect gift!

Please note: this is our electronic gift card— the only version available while we are online only during the pandemic.

Upon purchase of our electronic gift card you will receive an email from us with a code unique to the recipient with our gift card illustration, along with instructions on how to use their gift card in our online shop + gallery. Upon receiving our email, you can either forward it along to the recipient or print it out gift to your recipient.

The e-gift card is good for one use only— this means that the recipient will need to spend the entire amount of their e-gift card in one use. So, kind of like a shopping spree!

Our system limits us to this solution for the time being and we will be sure to update with our physical gift cards once it becomes an option.

Would you like to purchase more than one gift card for multiple recipients? Not a problem! Choose the value of the card for the recipient, add their name and then add the e-gift card to the cart. Repeat this process for each individual.

Don't see a denomination you'd like? Shoot us a note at [email protected] and we will hook you up!

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