Poop Emoji Notes

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The gift that truly keeps on giving! Does your neighbor park like poop? Let them know! With these adorable little notes, you can express your shittiest feelings with the glee!

"You _____ like shit. Have a nice day."

These little letterpressed shits come in packs of 5, so spread the love! Printed on Neenah Wild Heavy Vellum 166#c stock, custom die-cut poop emoji shape. Shades of Pantone 1615u Brown may vary per pack. Measures just under 4" each, UNSCENTED!

The story?
A few months ago, we found that we had a big stack of leftover stock from a previous commercial job; it's a super-premium paper stock, and we just hated to see it go to waste (so to speak!) We'd outsourced printing of the brown ink to a local offset shop, and they required more paper to 'dial in' the brown ink color.
As a result, we wound up with more paper than we needed, and the color varied. As we are all about sustainability and recycling, we thought this lil' product would be a perfect 'post-client waste' project!


Skylab Letterpress is located in Kansas City, MO.

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