Rocks Glasses by Noon Designs

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frosted urchin design by Noon Designs

Enjoy these 15oz heavy weight rocks glasses for everyday or entertaining! Each is adorned with dishwasher safe, noon™ graphics.

Graphics are etched into the glass.

Made in the USA!


About Noon Designs

NOON DESIGN SHOP is a home grown lifestyle brand created by best friends Nora Alexander and Maie Vaga. NOON consists of thoughtfully designed handmade goods made in America for you and your home—specifically simple and timeless jewelry, letterpress greeting cards, home goods and body products. Each piece in the NOON collection is handmade with integrity either in one of our storefronts or created by masters of their craft from around the country. We source the highest quality materials and ingredients that we combine with clean yet playful designs to bring you a truly outstanding product.

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