Room and Body Sprays by b.e. nurtured

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This room/body mist is able to be applied anywhere! Use it to create a wonderful smelling environment or spray on yourself as perfume!

Available scents: vanilla lavender, jasmine rose, basil blossom, cedarwood sage,  lemongrass, sandalwood patchouli, bergamot basil, ginger orange, gardenia, pepper citrus musk, peppermint eucalyptus, lemon lavender, classic lavender, fresh bamboo, lemon sage, rosemary mint, frankincense & myrrh, orange spice, lemon lavender, and spiced cocoa mint, oatmeal stout, and lemon cedar.

Available in 2 oz. or 4 oz. spray bottle.

Handcrafted in Lawrence, KS

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