Simple Market Tote by Joyn

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The perfect tote for an errand run, or the beach, or a day at the shops.

Designed to throw over your shoulder and rush out the door while still making you look cute.

Specifications: Hand block-printed exterior canvas fabric, with canvas handles.

Dimensions: 15"" x 14""; 11"" non adjustable strap"


About JOYN

JOYN is a true story. Founded by Melody Murray in 2013, JOYN started handcrafting bags in a sleepy village in the foothills of the Himalayas, India. Our objective was to provide job opportunities for marginalized people and to make our product in the most sustainable way possible. We are deliberately inefficient, we use hands over machines because we value people. Our products are inspired by our surroundings and crafted by hand from concept to final product. We know everyone that makes our bags, and because of that we take an ethical stance on every single thing we produce.

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