Skin Soothing Bath Soak by b.e. nurtured

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Oatmeal Herb Skin Soother Soaks are perfect for calming irritated, sunburned, dry, and angry skin! Formulated with skin nourishing herbs & finely ground oatmeal to soothe tender skin. We handcraft our Oatmeal Herb Skin Soother Soaks in small batches.

I use these bags often in the summer for bug-bitten skin & sunburns for both kids and adults alike. In the winter, these soaks are excellent for dry itchy skin!

b.e. nurtured Oatmeal and Herb Skin Soother Soaks are 2 oz, and come wrapped in a kraft envelope with instructions. Comes ready to use - just place the muslin bag under the faucet while drawing a tepid bath. Soak and squeeze the bag all over your skin. Pat, but do not rub!

Ingredients: finely ground organic oatmeal, organic calendula flowers, organic nettle, chamomile flowers, lavender flowers, peppermint.

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