Stickers by Paul Punzo

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This Is Not Normal Sticker: Hand Printed by local printmaker Paul Punzo / 3" x 4"

El Gato Sticker: Vinyl sticker featuring block print art by Paul Punzo / 2/5" x 3"


About Paul Punzo

Paul Punzo is a visual artist who works with linoleum block carvings, watercolors, silkscreen, spray paint, indian inks, creating one of a kind pieces of art. Ideas, images that bring me an affinity between the artist and the art. Primarily a self taught painter and print maker, he has honed his skills through a daily practice committed not just to the resultant art but to the process necessary to achieve a life full of art. All prints begin with a primary image that is expressed in multiple perspectives through the interchange of various backgrounds, colors, and layers to achieve an original image and theme that evolves only through the process of the pressing of images. The result is a print that emits a vibrancy and spontaneity that call to my sense of hope and wonder. Paul resides in Lawrence, KS.

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