Sting My Heart and Sing Through My Bones Print by Anne Luben

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This print measures 12.5”x 9.5” and has been letterpress printed with black, purple and gold on French Paper Co. archival purple-toned or cream cover weight paper from an original linoleum relief carving and hand set type.

All imaged designed and printed by Anne Luben

Packaged with chip board for stability and placed in a protective plastic sleeve.



Anne Luben was raised in Wyoming where she received her BA in Studio Art from The University of Wyoming in 2012. Continuing her education on Fibers & Printmaking she received a MFA in Textiles from the University of Indiana in 2016. Drawing from fantastical sources of visual and narrative culture within country music and western Americana, she employs processes of letterpress and embroidery within her work to propose a magical realist relationship between the embellished garment and the inflated folkloric identity.

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