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Beautiful loose leaf tea blends by Leaf Logic. Delicious tea is their passion!

30 Servings per container // 1.8 oz // double or triple brew for 60-90 cups of tea

Each jar holds 250 cc of product by volume and the same amount is what goes into the refillable pouch.



Artisan Loose Leaf Green Tea (Contains Caffeine) – Organic

Follow the yellow brick road to a smooth, light & full flavor Sencha green tea. Offering more complexity with more steepings.

Follow the yellow brick road to the most wonderful cup of green tea!! It may just make you do a little song and dance :) I created this blend out of desire for a bright and smooth cup of green tea. I use a few offerings of Sencha green tea that come together to brew a bright green cup of tea! Make sure to never use boiling water with any green teas. Use steaming water and only steep for a max of 2 minutes to enjoy the bright smooth flavors. And don’t hesitate to save those tea leaves for a second or third steeping! After I finalized this blend in May of 2014, I immediately knew the name needed to represent the color and since Cozy Leaf was born in Kansas, the name was fairly easy! So follow the yellow brick road to the Emerald City!!

Ingredients: Organic Japanese Sencha tea, Organic Chinese Sencha Tea, Organic Sunflower petals



Artisan Loose Leaf Herbal Tea (Caffeine Free) – Organic

Detox with an infusion of dandelion, milk thistle, burdock, and ginger along with red clover, echinacea, and lemon for a cleansing blend of natures very own detoxifiers.

This is one of the newest blends in the Leaf Logic collection and was finalized February 2017! I have been wanting to create a detox blend for a long time, but decided that I wanted it 100% USA grown ingredients. The search was on for 100% organic and US grown herbs. The final ingredient to join this team was a Hawaiian grown ginger! It made the blend so perfect that I couldn't wait to release it! I like to let this blend brew as a long infusion (pour boiling water over the herbs, cover, and let it set up to 4 hours), then pour your infusion over ice or pop it in the refrigerator for an easy grab all day!

Is your body bogging you down from toxin build up? Cozy Clean Detox blend was specifically formulated to be an all natural way to help your body release toxins and get you on your way to feeling youthful. 100% organic herbs from our beautiful earth that gently but effectively help your body naturally fight against toxins, release water weight, support the immune system during your detox, and help your organs function properly. 

This detox tea is an amazing accompaniment to any juice cleanse you are beginning. It will help boost the cleansing power of your full body detox as well as keep you warm and comfortable throughout your cleanse.

Ingredients: organic dandelion root, organic burdock root, organic milk thistle seed, organic dandelion leaf, organic echinacea root, organic hawaiian yellow ginger (dried with organic lime juice for freshness), organic red clover, organic lemon peel, oil of lemon



Artisan Loose Leaf Green Tea (Contains Caffeine) – Organic

A nutty, full-flavored blend of decadent green teas that brews up a beautiful golden cup.

This beautiful green tea blend focuses on a traditional green tea taste. It is a blend of green teas from 5 different regions from around the world that took me over 6 months to figure out the perfect balance. This nutty, full-flavored blend of decadent green teas brews up a beautiful golden cup which was finalized March of 2014. It is also one of the prettiest here at Cozy Leaf! When creating this blend, I wanted something that was a nod to the prairies of Kansas. I have so many beautiful floral accents added to this blend that you will not only enjoy the flavor, but you will intensely enjoy the beauty as if the blend is telling you a story! Telling you a story of walking through beautiful green tea fields all around the world and sipping the flavors and smelling their aromas while also seeing the beauty of the Kansas prairie flowers.

Ingredients: Organic Ceylon Green Tea, Organic White Monkey Green Tea, Organic Mao Jian Needles Green Tea, Organic Bi Luo Chun Green Tea, Organic Pinhead Gunpowder Green Tea, Organic Rose Petals, Organic Cornflowers, Organic Elder flowers, Organic Sunflower Petals


About Leaf Logic

Leaf Logic was born out of a love for creating tea designed for wellness and delicious to sip.

Our story began over a decade ago during my college years as a theatre major. My throat would hurt after long periods of singing and I discovered I had developed vocal nodes.  In the throes of performances and continuing my musical theatre education, I medicated myself with the only thing that soothed my sore throat - piping hot herbal tea. The problem was that the herbal teas I knew were good for me were also barely palatable. After months of trying to stomach the herbal teas I had purchased, I had enough. I knew there had to be a better way, so I bought ingredients and mixed tea leaves and dried herbs until the tea brew tasted good. And, that was it - the first Leaf Logic blend was born.

For the rest of my college experience and first years as a wife and mother, I studied about herbs, natural medicine, and tea constantly and began crafting tea blends with each ingredient serving an intentional healing purpose. As I experimented, friends and family began turning to my teas for wellness and relaxation. In 2009, I took the leap and opened up for business to the public.

Now, the Leaf Logic Collection has grown to over 30 unique blends, each designed for wellness and rich flavor. Our commitment to designing teas with purpose has helped our small business grow from an online shop to a regular natural grocery store option.

As an herbalist, business owner, mother, friend, and tea lover, nothing brings me more comfort during the bustle of everyday life than taking a moment and sipping a hot cup of tea. My teas are my labor of love created for you, designed for a moment of peace. Thank you for choosing Leaf Logic Wellness Teas and making our teas part of your every day story. 

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