Trump Should've Raked Print by Tay Cambria

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Trump Should Have Raked print of original work by Tay Cambria Art.
8" x 10", wrapped in protective plastic sleeve.
Born in small town Kansas, Tay grew up eager to express their own individuality in what was a homogeneous environment. Tay sought solace in art, writing, and learning. They came to Lawrence to study Art History at the University of Kansas, and soon realized their love for the Russian language as well. They had never really painted until their sophomore year, when they were required to take a studio art class. Tay enjoyed and excelled in their drawing to painting course and continued to paint with oils even after the semester had ended.
Tay studied in Russia in the fall of 2016, which affected their mental and physical health. They could not paint or do much art at all in Russia, and overall it was a negative experience. When Tay returned, they painted and experimented in other media almost everyday to makeup for the previous few months. During this art catharsis, Tay realized that creating was what they really needed in life. After graduating from KU with Russian and Art History BA’s, Tay decided to only pursue art and has been creating since. Tay has their own studio in SeedCo Studios.
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