Re:Marks (a series of small paintings) by Maryanna Adelman

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Re:Marks (a series of small paintings) by Maryanna Adelman

Each image is 5" x 5" and acrylic, watercolor and graphite on paper, and mounted on wood panels.

Each piece is an original work.


Artist Statement

When asked, is that a painting or a drawing? I answer, I don't know.  It begins as a drawing, with water soluble pencils and crayons.  Then, during the process of seeing and editing, water is added and in that instant, it becomes a painting. Is that a landscape?  Well, yes.  However, it's also a portrait, of sorts.  In the process of painting the public landscape, life interrupts and the once anonymous place markers of trees, birds, houses and other objects begin to tell a story.

What is that?  The intaglio printing process demands precision and a high degree of focus.  It seems logical to me to use these qualities to zoom in on the objects that were originally a small part of the landscape.  Thus, the isolation of objects from their environment results in a monumentality of the ordinary. 
About The Artist

Maryanna earned a B.F.A. in painting from the Kansas City Art Institute. After teaching at the high school level, she returned to school and earned her MA in Printmaking and Painting from the University of Missouri, Kansas City. Maryanna continues her intaglio printing through the Hand Print Press at UMKC and paints from her home studio. She has exhibited in the Kansas City area at the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art, the Late Show Gallery, Kansas City Artists Coalition, UMKC Gallery of Art and the Thornhill Art Gallery. Currently, Maryanna teaches drawing at the University of Central Missouri and is a visiting artist for Kansas City Young Audiences. Maryanna lives in Kansas City, Missouri. Her work may be seen at



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