What About Love: A Collection of Short Essays

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What About Love is an exploration of the authors romantic and familial, love relationships. A series of deeply personal short essays highlight the author's relationships and moments where she learned and unlearned about her relationship to love. Rather than coming to conclusions, each section ends with a series of questions for the reader to explore their own narratives and beliefs. The sorting series is meant to help the reader come to their own answers, explore their own histories and in doing so, deliberately lean into values that are healthy for them. If love and relationships are important to you, the questions in this book will implore you to sort the good from the unhealthy in your own learning, so that you can shift in ways that are good for you.

The questions in the book are hand lettered by Emily Nitcher and give space for you to write your own answers, as they come. Part essays, part journal, this book is meant to direct you toward yourself.


About The Author:

Growing up in a progressive community, becoming an activist was a natural (though not necessarily popular) progression. I attended my first anti-racism training workshop over twenty years ago and began speaking on panels, leading social justice organizations and facilitating teach ins thereafter.

I went on to study social work and minority studies with emphases in sexology, gender and trauma resolution. I began to write and perform slam poetry, lead on campus social justice organizations, planned conferences and events. After spending over a decade as a social worker, challenging the systems I worked in at every turn, I went rogue again.

Every part of my experience has been informative and directive. I learned the emotional skills required to do liberation work. I stood in my values, regardless of the cost. I developed strong boundaries and resiliency. I unearthed, investigated, and studied my own mental health and trauma while assisting others to do the same. I learned to grapple with the on-going task of identity development in aspects of both oppression and privilege. I forged my own path.

For over a decade I have been writing books and essays, speaking at universities and conferences, conducting workshops, providing private coaching, and consulting independent organizations in the areas of social justice, positionality, identity development, body politics, trauma, activism and emotional skills and boundaries.

If I had letters behind my name they would likely be in social psychology, but my experience, research, work and education has been widely rogue. And that’s the way I prefer it.

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