Wooden Ornaments by Alicia Kelly

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A variety of laser cut wooden ornaments designed and made by Lawrence KS paper artist Alicia Kelly.

Measure 4"


About The Artist:

My love of paper and it’s suspicious delicacy developed alongside my love of the printed multiple. Manipulating screen prints and various papers led me down the path to the meditative practice of paper-cutting and paper sculpture. My recent works explore this medium and its connection to the third dimension. Surface texture, the playfulness of shadows and a simple color palette create a multi-layered conversation inside each of my paper creations. Imagining paper as a living creature, I allow the material to twist, bunch and breathe in a way that is most natural to itself- recognizing both the strength and delicacy in its fibers.With loose mental plans of each cut out and a #11 xacto knife, I welcome the spontaneous patterns that mimic a foreign, undiscovered world. Ephemeral in nature and material, my works allow for play on the subtlety of our everyday rituals and how quickly they evolve by our moment to moment decisions and meditations. 

Alicia Kelly was born and raised among the red dirt and wildflowers of Northeastern Oklahoma. Her love of the paper medium developed alongside her love of pattern making and serigraphy. She has been an active member of The Paper Artist Collective since 2017. Alicia is a paper arts and serigraphy instructor at The Lawrence Arts Center and Van Go Inc. in Lawrence, Kansas. Alicia works out of her Kansas City studio in the West Bottoms.

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